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Moving the credit card CORNER against that piece, sliding it into the hole in the frame, then pivoting the rest of the card toward the frame will pry the securing bar away from its locked position. You can pry the cover plate from the mounting plate. Or pry at 'em. Best escape-the-room game ever. All direct answers to a post must make a genuine attempt to answer the question. I admire your patience, I would have just kicked the door down and then made the landlord fix his stupid door. This is often grounds for eviction, even if it seems justified.

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You'll find a solution soon. That'll break the sealed paint. Grab the other end of the hanger when it sticks out below the latch which it will, 'cause of the curve of the hanger. In order to unlock our apartment door with the keys we have, I sometimes have to pull the door in towards me and hold it while using the keys maybe if you pull the door in, and then twist the handle, something might kick in? Can you take a picture of the door?

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